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Dog Training Hand Signal

by Ivan Johnson

Dog training hand signals are enjoyable to teach and simply to understand for most dogs. A hungry dog and several pieces of foods are the requirements to get started. First, associate a hand gesture to your dog with one of your basic command. Allowing your dog to response to the hand signal solely is a stuff of repetition.

Gradually disregard the verbal command while still applying the food reward. To continue the dog training hand signal, instantly eliminate the piece of food from the process once your dog consistently reacts to the soundless hand gestures. Soon, your dog will come, sit and lie down in just a slow movement of your hand.

Sit Start it by letting your dog to stand in front of you while holding a piece of kibble in your hands. You have to begin the dog training hand signal by having your hands at your sides, bringing it up deliberately and folding it as if you were going to throw something over. Do this gradually, delivering the kibble quickly to his nose and say ?Sit? at the same time while upwardly guiding his nose. Reward him the kibble if he performs well.

Down Let your dog to sit in front of you. Raise your hand above your head while holding a piece of kibble in your fingers. Bring it down slowly by maintaining your arm straight until it is swinging freely at your side. Do these consistently, as you signal and say ?Down?, allowing the kibble past his nose. Reward him the kibble when he does well.

Come This is a dog training hand signal that requires your dog to be in front of you. Begin with your arm held straight out to your side while holding a piece of kibble in your fingers. Now move your arm forward to touch your opposite shoulder and follow the rest of sit and down procedures.

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