Dog Training How To Lie Down

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Dog Training How To Lie Down

by Johannes Tan

One of the first stuff to educate your puppy is to lie down upon command or sign. If you can tutor him to do this at an early period, life will be a lot easier for both of you. There will be many times throughout the course of the day when this easy exercise will show its worth.

Have a nylon choke or buckle necklace on your puppy and add a short leash to it. Have your puppy sit as you stand straight in front of him. Seize the leash short in your left hand as you provide him the vocal command "Down" in a calm but solid tone of voice. Also provide him the down gesture by raising your right hand where he can see it as you drag him down with the leash. Swiftly put a treat between his paws as you pat him on the withers saying, "Down, good. Down, good." Try this three more times, provide him a treat each time and praising him in a pleased tone of voice.

The fourth time you try it he will most likely go down by himself. Get thrilled and inform him what a good boy he is, using an extremely enthusiastic tone of voice accompanied by a treat. Just be certain that your puppy looks at the palm of your hand when you provide him the down signal.

This train will make your puppy feel extremely special. Just be certain that he does not crawl onward but drops straight down. Try this numerous times the first few days so that he will study to drop on either your tone or the hand gesture. A week or so afterward try giving him the down command a few feet from you. Then slowly raise the distance until you are about ten feet from him. You should keep on to run up each time he drops and praise him very passionately and provide him his treat reward.

When you have accomplished this, try teaching him to lie down off leash. You have to keep on praise him generously and present him the treat. At first it is best to teach him to down inside. Then, when he is consistent, train him outside. Several months later you can instruct him the drop on recall, but be cautious not to exaggerate it. Puppies should be very enthusiastic and willing to do straight recalls before they are trained the drop on recall.

In the start it will be required to bend over a little as you provide the signal. Afterward when he knows the exercise, you can stand up straight and present the gesture. When you drag the puppy down, you should pull the leash either straight down or faintly back away from you. If you drag the leash down toward you, the puppy will travel forward. You do not want him to do this or he will crawl between your feet. He ought to go down precisely where he is sitting without moving forward.

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