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Dog Training Made Easy

by Eric Hartwell

Every pet owner wants a dog that behaves well in his company as well as in the company of other people. The only way to do this of course is through proper dog training. It really is easy if you establish a relationship of trust with your pet companion. Your dog looks up to you as a leader and it will respect you if you earn its respect.

Training no-no?s

One of the most common problems of pet owners in their dog training is that they are either too harsh with their training or they?re too loose with their training. These are two extreme measures and it would be best if you could find the right balance. So, do not repeat the common mistakes of other pet owners and try your best to be patient with your dog and be consistent with your training practices.

Aside from the unlawful practice of hurting animals such as your dog, abusing your dog makes it more nervous. Thus, instead of being able to follow your commands, your dog is unable to concentrate on obeying your orders. This is just like training a human being, and training your dog with too much pressure will cause your pet to crack.

The right way of doing it

Here are common commands that you can teach your dog: sit; stand, jump; lie down; roll over; stay; and come to name a few. These are simple commands that can easily be introduced to your dog. In teaching the said commands, however, you should remember that dogs will respond better if given some sort of reward after obeying a command. Never ever attempt to punish a dog by any use of force because instilling fear on your dog is not the proper way of training it.

Remember that the dog regards you as its master and you are expected to maintain your relationship of trust with your dog. Your dog will be more than happy to please you, so be kind in your training methods. It will take time for your dog to understand you especially if there is something wrong with your training methods. Thus, don?t blame the dog if it can?t learn the tricks or commands that you are trying to teach it. Better yet, exert more effort in improving your training techniques and let your dog know that you are pleased every time it obeys one of your commands.

To reinforce the commands you?ve taught your dog, it is advised that you repeat them for your dog to follow. This is the only way that your dog will be able to remember the things taught to it. Consistency is the key, and soon your dog will look forward to following your commands. In fact, there may come a time when they will learn your ways and they don?t need to be told what to do. Dogs really are amazingly intelligent animals, and to top it off they remain loyal to you for as long as you treat them with love and care.

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