Dog Training Tips Negative Reinforcement Vs Positive Reinforcement Which Is More Effective

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Dog Training Tips Negative Reinforcement Vs Positive Reinforcement Which Is More Effective

by Gray Rollins

There are two camps when it comes to training dogs. There are those that believe that negative reinforcement is the proper way to train a dog while others believe that positive reinforcement is the way to go when training a dog. While both training mindsets have their places, boundaries for acceptable usage of these reinforcements need to be set forth before any training takes place.

Negative reinforcement dog training is of course the opposite of positive reinforcement dog training. Negative reinforcement training utilizes some type of punishment when the dog does not behave in the manner in which the handler wishes. Tools used in negative reinforcement dog training include items such as choke collars and chemical compounds such as lemon juice and bitter apple. Methods such as crate training can also fall under the classification of negative reinforcement dog training. Now while negative reinforcement dog training would be acceptable in the instance of giving your dog a swat on the nose if they were to be chewing on a extension cord (you would be protecting their safety here) it is never acceptable ever to beat a dog.

Positive reinforcement dog training is meant to strengthen the relationship between a dog and its handler and should be utilized anytime that a dog is exhibiting the desired behavior. Dogs really respond to this type of dog training, as they are always excited for any type of positive interaction between them and their owner. A dog will go out of its way to please their owner in order to get a kind word, a pat on the head or a bite of their favorite treat. Positive reinforcement dog training can really instill the urge to please in a dog. Dogs are creatures that love instant gratification so the better the reward and the more it is given to them the more likely that they are to repeat the desired behavior.

Now while both forms of reinforcement dog training have their places and proper uses you really do need to set boundaries with your dog. You need to be authoritative with your training without causing physical or emotional harm to your four legged friend. Additionally you want to refrain from not setting any rules for your dog at all as that can also be damaging to your dog.

If you are unsure about what method of reinforcement training that you should be using with your dog get in contact with a professional. Your dog?s veterinarian or a professional dog trainer could point you in the right direction of proper dog training methods.

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