Dog Training Tips for the New Dog Owner

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Dog Training Tips for the New Dog Owner

by Andrew Bicknell

Let's face it, for many people training their dog is a struggle that sooner or later leads them to just give up and let their dog do whatever he pleases. Then they ask themselves why they have such a disobedient dog. More experienced dog owners know that dog training is something that is always going on. Whenever they are with their dog they are always training him. Going for walks, playing in the park, even just relaxing around the house are all opportunities to teach.

Dogs by nature are curious creatures who get easily bored. If there is not a proper outlet for this boredom they will find something to do. And to a dog who doesn't know the difference chewing up a shoe or digging holes in the yard is neither good nor bad. It's just something to do. The more a dog learns to please himself and do whatever he wants the less control his owner will have. A disobedient dog does not just happen; by ignoring, mistreating or being lackadaisical about training him he will learn all sorts of bad behaviors all by himself.

Dogs love to please their owners but without feedback they have no idea if they are doing right or wrong. Everything is the same to them. This is why it is important to praise a dog when they are being obedient. Positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful dog training tools a dog owner can use.

Many people do not realize the amount of work needed to train some of the more amazing dogs they see on TV or here about in news reports. Police dogs, seeing eye dogs, military dogs can take a good year of intense training to get them to the point where they can even start working in that capacity. And their training never stops. Dogs do not come trained and they will not learn simply because they inhabit the same space as their owners. Dogs have no inborn sense of right and wrong; everything is the same to them, unless they are taught.

Dog training is all about teaching a dog good behavior. Repetition is the name of the game when it comes to training a dog. Combined with praise for a job well done a dog will soon learn what its boundaries are and who is actually in charge. The first thing every dog should learn is their name. This is what gets their attention and simply saying it should stop them dead in their tracks from whatever they are doing. From there on a dogs training should be a daily routine; housetraining, sitting, staying, not barking or jumping up on people, these are things that will make life with a dog easier and much more enjoyable.

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