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Dog Training Tips

by Gary Burton

If you take a look at all the various books and courses available on dog training, it's amazing how nearly every one of them claims to be new and revolutionary. The reality is, however, that a new tip is more likely to be an old one that's been adapted or given a bit of a polish to look shiny and new.

It's important to realize that there aren't any miracle cures for bad dog behavior. There's no magic pill you can give your dog, or magic words that will instantly make him obedient and well behaved. It takes time and practice to train your dog to be well behaved, and you can't short circuit that. Your dog needs to feel loved and secure, and know what's expected of him.

You've probably met people who seem to instantly be able to command obedience from any dog. But it's not magic - it's simply experience. Mostly it's about the tone of voice used. Your dog needs to know that you're the boss, and your tone has to reflect that. At the same time, you don't want your dog to think you're angry. So you need to develop a tone of voice that is purposeful, commanding, but still loving and compassionate. Constantly shouting at your dog doesn't achieve anything.

Another important dog training is to give your dog plenty of attention and praise when he does the right thing. The only way for your dog to learn what's good and what's bad is for you to react differently. If your dog does something right, then give him loads of cuddles, praise and even a treat. If he does something wrong, don't shout, just firmly tell him that what he did was bad and no to do it again. Your dog will quickly learn the difference, and will always try to please you by doing the right thing.

Finally, remember that every dog is an individual. So what may work well for training one dog, might not work for another. So if it doesn't work out first time around, try a few different ideas. That's where a dog training school is good, because the trainer will have dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of different dogs and be aware of different strategies you can implement. So always have a number of different dog training tips ready to use, if the first one fails. It takes a bit of work to train your dog, but it's definitely worthwhile.

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