Dog Training To Solve Your Dogs Problems With Biting Clothing

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Dog Training To Solve Your Dogs Problems With Biting Clothing

by Travis Liu

Suppose your dog loves to play and his playing consists of baring his teeth and growling, and biting at clothing. He has great time biting clothing while evading the person he is playing with.

Below are the techniques you can try to help solve your dog?s biting problems.

Technique No. 1
Take the focus away from your hands when you pet him. Do this by offering him a chew bone or similar when you go to pet him. Pet him behind the ears with one hand while offering the treat with the other. Pet him for short periods of time at the beginning as you do not want to overexcite him. This technique will help him form a positive association with petting.

Technique No. 2
Try wearing gloves coated with a foul tasting substance. You should be able to buy some specific dog "aversion" substances from your vet or pet store. The drawback with this method is that you must have the gloves on every time he tries to bite and he may form the negative association with the gloves rather than the hands.

Technique No. 3
If you are sure that he won't bite you too hard then you can discourage the biting by loosely holding your dog's lower jaw between your thumb and forefinger after he has taken your hand in him mouth. Don't hurt him by squeezing too hard, just gently hang on so that wherever him mouth goes your hand goes to. Hopefully this will quickly become tiresome for him and he will try to pull away. After ten seconds of him trying to pull away, release his jaw and continue to offer your hand. If he licks it or ignores it then praise him immediately. If he tries to bite your hand again then repeat the exercise.

Technique No. 4
It is important to teach your dog that biting turns off any social interaction and attention that you may be giving him. When he nips you, look him in the eye and yell "Ouch" or "Arghh", then ignore him. Leave him until he has calmed down.

General stuff
Make sure that you do not slap or hit your dog in the face for nipping as this action is almost guaranteed to backfire. He may think that you are playing and get more excited, he might respond in a defensive manner or he may just become afraid of you.

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