Dog Training for Aggressive Dogs

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Dog Training for Aggressive Dogs

by Lynn Reynolds

Has your dog been displaying signs of aggression? Aggression in dogs needs to be dealt with right away because even low levels of aggression can escalate with time if they are not dealt with properly.

If your dog is not neutered, make an appointment with your vet right away. Although training is still necessary, neutering a dog can help with hormonal aggression. Not all aggression is hormonal, but it will be much easier to deal with behavioral aggression once hormonal aggression is taken care of.

Second, evaluate your dog?s behavior. What triggers his aggressiveness? Different types of aggression include food aggression, toy aggression, aggression towards other dogs, and aggression towards people. If your dog has one of the latter two, take special care of your dog during walks to make sure he cannot harm people or other dogs.

Next, recognize what warnings you get when your dog is feeling aggressive. These can include growling, pushing or leaning into people, jumping on people, aggressive stances, or ignoring commands. These are signs of low level aggression, which is typically used as a warning by your dog when she feels threatened. They are a dog?s way of asserting control over the situation. Left unchecked, the dog?s low level aggressive behavior can escalate to the more dangerous higher level of aggression. Signs of high level aggression include biting, snarling, snapping, jumping up and barking aggressively, staring, and displaying of teeth.

When a dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it is vital to start behavior modification immediately. Although most low level of aggression can be dealt with by the owner using dog training techniques such as Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF), it is often best to seek professional help when your dog starts to display signs of high aggression.

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