Dog Training for Everyday Obedience

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Dog Training for Everyday Obedience

by Mylar Skye

Those who show dogs on a regular basis understand the importance of dog training, but often those people who have dogs as pets overlook this important aspect of owning a canine. Though dogs that are simply for companionship have much less to learn than those who are doing the dog show circuit ? especially the obedience circuit ? they still do need to learn some basic things so that they can be a positive member of the family.

Training can be as simple as teaching your dog not to jump up on people, sleep on the couch, or run away, or it can be a little more detailed, such as learning to sit, stay, and heel. This all depends on your situation with your dog. When you own a dog in the city you should be taking him on regular walks, and learning how to behave properly while on the leash should be an important part of his dog training. He should learn to walk next to you but slightly behind, so that he sees you as the leader, he should learn to not go after other dogs or especially after other people, and he should learn to stop and wait patiently when you are not walking. A good dog training course can help you with all of these things, and it can be well worth it to spend the money.

There should be some training in the house as well. It can be a good idea to teach your dog to stay out of the dining area when you and/or your family is eating, and to not be too rough when playing with you or especially younger children. This type of dog training should be done firmly and consistently. One of the most important parts of dog training is paying attention to your dog and letting him know that he is a valued member of the family.

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