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Dog Treadmill

by Chris Suckow

A dog treadmill can be a great addition to your dog's exercise regimen. If you believe a short jog around the block or a short 10 minute play session in the backyard is enough, think again. A dog treadmill can be used for a wide variety of training and exercise purposes.

You might wonder who would purchase a dog treadmill? Well, a lot of trainers use them every day on the nation's top show dogs. Treadmills can be used for show ring practice and gait analysis.

Show ring dogs are often put on a dog treadmill to have their gaits analyzed. In the show ring a dog has to run at a certain required speed and at that speed the dog must maintain a perfect gait. By practicing the gait on a regular basis you can analyze and improve your dog?s chance of winning.

A dog treadmill can also be used for sporting dogs as well. They are perfect to use when the weather outside is not ideal. Almost any type of sporting event dog can benefit from a dog treadmill. Treadmills are also great when helping to recover from an injury. Consult with your veterinarian first, but now people are starting to realize that the faster you get the joints and muscles working after injury, the faster the recovery.

Many people think they can use a human treadmill for their dog's training, but they don't work for several reasons. Human treadmills can become full of dog hair and malfunction. Also, humans have a shorter stride than dogs, so having the proper length of treadmill is important, otherwise the dog will have an abnormally short gait.

When buying a dog treadmill be sure to look for a company that specializes in treadmills for dogs. The treadmill should have sides and an adjustable resistance control and height. By having adjustable resistance and incline settings you can really give your dog a good workout.

Before beginning a dog treadmill exercise routine, be sure to talk to an experienced trainer who can set you up with a proper schedule to ease your dog into the workout. At first your dog will likely not even want to stand on the treadmill, but after walking your dog over and around the treadmill a couple of times your dog should stand on the treadmill. Also, when first starting the treadmill up, be sure to stay near the head of the dog to help control him and to give him reassurances.

A dog treadmill that is quality made costs about the same price as human treadmills. A dog needs a quality treadmill that will not feel shaky to the dog.

As you can see, having a dog treadmill can give you a huge advantage over the competition. By setting up an exercise routine for your dog and sticking to it, you can will a lot more competitions.

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