Dog Treat Recipes for Overweight Dogs

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Dog Treat Recipes for Overweight Dogs

by Todd Jones

Dog treat recipes for overweight dogs can help them to return to a healthy weight. Commercially prepared dog treats are often very fatty and high calorie and therefore not recommended for consumption by overweight dogs. There are low fat versions of some dog treats available but these treats often compromise protein content to reduce the fat content. This lack of protein is not necessarily healthy for your dog especially if you are trying to help them build muscle and lose fat.

If you have an overweight dog, you may want to investigate and search for dog treat recipes that can help you to provide your dog with nutritious treats that will help them to return to a healthy weight. Most veterinarians define overweight in dogs as not being able to feel their ribs. In a fit dog you should be able to feel their ribs with only light pressure on the skin over the rib cage. If you have difficulty feeling the ribs on your dog, they are most likely carrying excess weight. This weight can shorten their lifespan and can also lead to hip dysplasia. For this reason, it is advisable that you help your dog to return to a healthy wait by replacing their usual fatty treats with those created from your own low fat dog treat recipes.

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