Dog Treats More Harm Than Good

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Dog Treats More Harm Than Good

by Jason Montag

Many of us enjoy feeding treats to our dog as much as they love to get them. They just seem so darn happy to hear the box rattle or the jar open. In they come running at top speed as if they have no other reason for living. We feel special when this happens and many of us like it so much that we find ourselves feeding our dog so many dog treats the box runs out faster than the dog food bag. Is this a problem? Well it could turn into a major problem.

Dog treats are not only fun to give our dog but they can actually help the dog maintain a high level of health. The key is to buy the right dog treats. Some veterinarians have compared dog treats to candy bars. You would not sit and eat five or six candy bars a day so why allow your dog to eat the equivalent. There are a number of very healthy dog treats on the market these days some of the treats on the shelves can not only be fun but can benefit the health of their digestive system, teeth and bones. When looking for treats to give your dog go ahead and choose the healthiest ones. Think about this. Dogs can taste differences in things but the main reason that dogs love treats so much is because it is different than their usual food. I figured this out by just getting a few pieces of a different kind of dog food. I gave him nothing special or unusual but just different. My dog reacted the exact same way and loved it so much that he could not even tell the difference between that food and the chewy dog treats I normally fed him. I concluded that I can reward him with anything I want and that included the highly nutritious and still flavorful treats in the store.

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