Dog Tricks Keep Your Dog Sharp

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Dog Tricks Keep Your Dog Sharp

by Chris Glatte

Dog tricks come in all shapes and sizes. From the kiss command to the jumping through a hoop command, dog tricks can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

Dogs like to be stimulated. Their whole genetic make up is to perform some kind of act; whether it be retrieving, herding, guarding etc. The modern dog is mostly a pet, and not a tool. There are still ranchers and hunters out there but the vast majority of people that own pets have them just for personal enjoyment.

Dogs are happy to be just pets, however they really become energized when they have a purpose. I?m a bird hunter and I have my Labrador to help me find and retrieve game birds. She?s eleven years old now and she?s slowed down a bit in her old age, but whenever we go near water or a field she immediately drops the years and becomes like an energized puppy again, sniffing back and forth her eyes bright with sharpness and vigor. She immediately becomes a hunter.

Retrieving and hunting is what she is made to do, and when she?s doing it you can almost see the generations of genetics clicking together making her a whole dog.

Teaching dog tricks can help keep this energy going in your dog no matter what type of dog you have. For instance you don?t need a hunting dog or a herding dog in order to successfully teach dog tricks. Any dog: mutts, hybrids whatever, can learn and enjoy performing dog tricks.

Start with the easy dog tricks. Teach the handshake and the play dead trick before the jumping through a burning hoop trick. Each trick you teach should build on the last trick you taught. For instance, if your dog is accomplished at the hand shake trick, modify it to become the high five trick. As with any dog training, teaching tricks should be taught with patience.

Important: Before you embark on dog tricks training you will need to have a good base of basic obedience training. Trying to teach dog tricks before there is a good base is useless and probably detrimental. Your dog should know how to sit, come, stay and be familiar with the release command.

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