Dog Vomiting Why What To Do

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Dog Vomiting Why What To Do

by Craig McPherson

Bacterial (food poisoning - salmonella) or viral infections, organ infections or failure, foreign material, travel sickness, parasite infections, food allergies and gorging food, mega-oesophagus and normal regurgitation.

At the first sign of vomiting remove available food and water.

You will then need to assess the overall condition (brightness) of the dog or pup whether it is very poor or normal. If it is very flat and depressed after vomiting just wait 1/2 an hour and re-assess. If no better, take it to your vet ASAP.

Animals dehydrate very quickly especially young pups. There is a number of causes that all need veterinary attention in this situation. The dog often needs intravenous fluids containing essential electrolytes (Salts) It will also be given drugs and medicines to counteract the effects of vomiting. A cause will also be researched at the examination. I.e. diet, vaccination status, age, history etc.

A blood test may be necessary to examine organ functions. Hospitalisation may be needed for several days or even weeks. Back to your initial assessment if the dog is acting normally apart from the vomiting, then fast (remove food) the dog for at least 12 hours.

Allow only very small quantities of water. Ie. 1/2 cup an hour apart then gradually increase to 1 cup over the next few hours. But only continue if vomiting has ceased. If it continues stop giving oral liquids. Electrolytes can be purchased to add to water for convalescing dogs. If the dog continues to improve then you can gradually introduce food again.

You MUST feed very small amounts ie.1 cup of food (less for pups and small dogs). You MUST feed bland food only. That means no red meat! Boiled rice is very good flavored with chicken broth or boiled chicken meat.

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