Dog and ManA Symbiotic Relationship

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Dog and ManA Symbiotic Relationship

by Valentina Bellicova

At some point on the arc of time, long before history began, caveman Og and animal Dog forged a symbiotic relationship which has stood the age old test of time. How it began, one can only guess. The relationship between man and dog is truly unique. No other animal shares pride of place with humans the way that a dog does, and no other animal showers us with such unwavering loyalty, unconditional love and provides us protection. I like to think that man and dog were drawn to each other for mutual benefits if not yet admiration.

Consider Og out on his daily hunt. Fighting a saber tooth tiger or even bagging a wild boar was a monumental task the success of which was largely dependent on the tactical execution of fine honed hunting skills. Success meant food for the family, a hide for clothing and warmth, and a prolonged life. Failure at best was hunger and the gift of another day to try; at worst there was none.

Ferocious and fighting for equal survival was dog. It is not inconceivable that the quarry was the same. Having mortally wounded or killed outright, it is plausible that the caveman quickly threw some spoils of the game to the dog so as not to be attacked by this other vicious animal ? better to busy the creature with something given, than to have to fight it off for the whole carcass and risk losing it all.

Over time dog came to associate good things with man. A dual attack upped the chance of success for both and success meant food. Dog began to hang around man. Man became valuable to dog so it became natural for dog to give him protection. Man began to recognize the value of dog, and rewarded his new companion with food and shelter. The first mutual admiration society was formed! Dog and man - best of friends.

Valentina Bellicova is a world traveller, an author and a public speaker. An ardent student of life her observation is that every human is bettered for having had a dog in their life. Visit her online dog emporium at

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