Dog and Puppy Obedience Training How to Change a Spoiled Brat Dog

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Dog and Puppy Obedience Training How to Change a Spoiled Brat Dog

by Rena Murray

You love your dog, he is your "baby," but be honest with yourself ? Is he a brat dog? People of this day and age often tell me that their dog is a member of the family or is their child. I understand the emotion, but when someone says that to me, I usually find myself walking into a situation in which I find a brat dog that is catered to and thoroughly spoiled.

In truth, the dog is being favored ABOVE the others in the household. Not good!

Before you say I am out of line, ask yourself these few questions. Would you allow your son or daughter to get away with subtle manipulation? Would you not correct them for pushing someone or each other? Would they be allowed to waltz into your bedroom as if they own it? What about food? Do you not insist on some rules, such dessert AFTER dinner? Surely, your children must sleep in their own beds? Would you not have a get-away here and there with your spouse because the child did not want to leave?

So, if your dog is really your child or a member of the family to you, treat him like one. Give him a set of rules, with consequences, as you do for your children. Believe me, no one wants to be in the company of a spoiled brat dog or a spoiled brat child!

If your dog has several dog behavior problems, take your time and commit to solving one problem at a time. Confusing him with multiple things at once is a recipe for failure when you otherwise should succeed.

Start with a commitment to make your dog walk properly for a period of thirty minutes each morning. Study different training methods until you find the one that is best for your dog. It is not a matter of "one size fits all."

Remember, a disciplined pet is a happy and obedient one. An unruly pet is no happier with himself than you are. If you love your pet, make him happy with fairness.

Do not over-commit and try to change everything at once. It often becomes overwhelming, and people fail that way. Take it nice and easy. With a case such as this, the goal you must have in mind is to finish the race. One who finishes something is a winner and did not lose. In fact, he probably walked over that finish line with more knowledge of that course than others who went first. If he were to come back and run the same race, he would likely be the winner due to that act of following through.

So avoid a spoiled brat dog, or correct obnoxious and disruptive spoiled brat dog behavior, by being firm, fair, and consistent ? not caving in to every whim and fancy of the dog. Like a fussy, demanding, whining, spoiled child, when your dog displays brat dog behavior, he is not at all happy. Either you demonstrate leadership and control, or your dog will fill the void in an unacceptable way ? which increasingly gets worse. You must and can restore a right relationship with your pet and right order in your home with vital dog obedience training. Your family, friends, and especially your pet will thank you!

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