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Dog and Puupy Training Tips

by John Houston

Dog and Puppy Training Tips

If it's one thing we've learned it's that training your dog is a mixture of 2 parts patience and 8 parts persistence. Recently we brought home a new member of our "pack". It was immediately determined that we (the dog and the family) needed training to help him fit in.

We signed up for "Dog Obedience" training sponsored by one of the big Pets* stores. The once per week class was made up of many different breeds and ages (both two-legged and four-legged ;) ). The trainer was good but not great - definitely not Cesar Millan.

What did we learn? The following tips are what we took away from the class:

  • You must be patient and persistent.
  • You must have your dog?s attention your dog's attention.
  • The right supplies are a must (a six foot training lead and a training collar, and snacks for rewards).
  • Always use praise (and rewards) your dog when he learns a new command or trick.
  • Never hit or spank your dog. To correct your dog?s bad behavior, use the opportunity to teach him the 'stop!', 'no!', or ?stay?.
  • Spent some time playing with your dog - daily. This strengthens your bond with you dog.
  • Do a bit of training everyday ? your dog?s skills must be reinforced.
  • And finally ? do not rush the training of your dog.

John is the pack leader of four: 2 Doixes, 1 Papillon, 1 "mostly-Boxer". The pack resides in Southern California.

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