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by Eric Hartwell

But how do you really choose which type of dog would best suit you? As you very well know, dogs have different kinds of breed, type, size and temperament. When thinking of bringing one into your family or your home, it is imperative that you know which dog would agree with every member of your family and the place you live in as well.

Things to Know:

Before thinking of buying a dog, you have to know if the place you live in allows you to keep one in the first place. If you are living in an apartment unit or a condominium unit, it is probable that the owner of the building would not want any pets within their property. Maintaining the cleanliness and the smell of the place is foremost in any owner?s mind and you should give some considerations for this. Your neighbors surely do not want to hear a dog yapping the night away and disturbing their sleep, right? Living in an apartment unit surely makes it difficult to bring a dog in, no matter how cute and cuddly he may be. But if you live in the suburbs and have a large lawn, a dog would surely be a welcome addition to your family.

Is there a member of the family who has time to take care of the dog? This is another important factor. You can opt to tie the dog in one corner when you?re away from your place or you can even buy a pen to confine him in but a dog still needs special attention especially when he is still not house-trained. Who would clean up after his every poop? Is there a member of your family who is willing to take that responsibility? And another thing: who would take the dog to its veterinary visits every now and then? Veterinary visits mean an increase in your expenses and this take precious time from the one who?ll take the dog to it, too. Before purchasing a puppy, be sure to have a talk with your family first. Remember that owning a dog means having a responsibility of taking care of it properly.

What Type of dog do You Want?

If you still have your mind set on purchasing a dog after going through the decisions from above, the next thing you have to do is choose the right dog for you and your family. Dogs have different temperaments, personalities and types to them. Keep in mind that when you have little children, you have to choose a dog which is not hot-tempered or impatient. If you are an active type of person, choose a dog which will compliment your lifestyle. You hate constant barking? Steer clear from the small types of dog for they really enjoy barking. Ask around the pet shop when purchasing one and surely you will get all the help and advices you need.

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