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Dogs Part Of The Family

by Michael Russell

How many people own dogs? Crazy question really, isn't it? I bet the answer though would be staggering. The dog has become such a major part of family life that it is almost taken for granted. We see it either sitting in the window waiting for its master to come home, lying on a carpet on a winter's evening, in the warmth of a living room, or running after a ball, thrown by one of its owners.

Why is the dog so popular? Don't know the answer to that. But I guess folk more knowledgeable than I could answer better. I feel it is because they give loyalty without question. They "invade" our homes and almost take over. Correction, they do take over. Like most people, my family had a dog when our kids were younger. We follow the theory that if kids are kind to animals, they in turn will be kind to people. Don't know if that's strictly true, but I like to think so.

There are many ways to keep a dog and buy a dog. Pet shops thrive in most countries and do particularly well around Christmas time. Who can resist an eight-week-old puppy with doleful eyes, head tilted, looking at you and your youngsters. Battle half lost already. On getting him/her home, we have to decide what to do with him. Where will he sleep? What do we feed him? Who takes him a walk?

The answer to the first question realistically is it will sleep inside for as long as you let it. Kids play a part in this. Novelty plays its part as well. It soon sorts itself out though when our new little friend, starts to leave messages all over the house. Then usually, shouting is heard and the animal has its first experience of life on the outside.

As for who takes him for a walk. The kids do naturally for the first three days while they are showing the new house pet to their friends. Then guess who has the job after that? I am sure those of you who have been through this, creep around the house, morning or evening, trying to avoid stirring the dog who is expecting the daily exercise. How do they manage to tell the time?

It is certainly easy to see why the animal aid organisations are pretty well full up after Christmas time, once the novelty of pet ownership wears off. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh. Dogs are such fun and they give so much. Most are very good with kids and I have always found they fit in quite neatly to normal way of life. That is until they decide to rearrange your garden. Don't let anyone tell you that certain breeds don't dig. They all do!!

After all the humour and sometimes after all the shouting, dogs are wonderful company and if our household was anything to go by, when our 14-year-old dog became ill and the awful decision was made about her future, we lost a family member on that fateful day.

Haven't had a dog since - perhaps think about it during retirement, but memories remain and seeing other folk enjoying life and being happy with their pets, gives me a warm glow and quite a bit of nostalgia.

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