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Dogs Diet

by Peter John

Like most dog owners, you probably assume that commercial dog foods with brand names that are easily identifiable - Purina, Iams, Pedigree, etc. and surely you would not give your dog something harmful. Unfortunately, after lots of careful observation and tracking it has been found that dogs fed commercial foods, both wet and dry, from the cheapest brands to the so-called "premium" brands are weak with less life span than those dogs who were fed vegetarian diets, as well as those fed raw meat and bones known popularly as the BARF Diet.

Undoubtedly the best possible diet to feed your dog is raw meat and bones with an occasional Wet feed made up of vegetables, fruits, and organ meat that will lead to three amazing results: much better overall health, excellent dental health, and longer life spans. If you recall the past food habits of dogs you will find that they evolved eating prey the pack took down and feeding the carcasses raw! They did not have processed commercial food from bags or cans, cooked meats or vegetables, fruits, and grains.

This is the fact every dog owners should concentrate and plan the diet accordingly for their dog. Many owners bear a common fear over the bones getting caught in their dog's throat or splintering and cutting them internally. There is a solution for it and that is stop fe Author's Areaeding your dog with a cooked bone and especially chicken bones. Raw chicken cages are ideal because they provide a good balance of meat and bone but at the same time remember not to feed your dog always with chicken instead alter their diet by supplying some pork and some beef now and then to vary their protein sources a bit and remember to mix up a slop of green veggies, carrots, apples, bananas, and some raw livers or hearts at least twice a month. It is recommended to have your pet checked for allergic reactions to any food and then plan the diet.

The raw meat and bone diet should be prescribed for your dog for 60 days. A meat and bones source that is close to a 50/50 meat-bone ratio for example chicken breast cages are ideal, or you can also try pork necks or beef ribs from any grocery store. If you do not see any noticeable improvements in your dog then it is better go back to his former diet and if you find healthier coat, more energy, better teeth, excellent blood work-ups then you can conclude the main idea behind the success of the raw meat and bones diet which imitate what dogs naturally fed on for tens of thousands of years.

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