Dogs In Art A Painting Of Your Dog Is Better Than A Pic

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Dogs In Art A Painting Of Your Dog Is Better Than A Pic

by Michael O Werner

Now I'm not saying that pics of dog's are bad, I'm just saying that everyone should have there pet represented in the form of a painting. As a dog owner myself, I have several pictures of my little dachshund Max, and my yellow lab Sasha. They are good pics and I'm glad I have them, but I also have had a few painting's done of them by one of my favorite artists. These paintings capture my dogs spirit so much better than any of the pictures I have.

In fact the face and body in these paintings LOOK more like my dogs than half of my pictures. Only because the artist that I used had the talent and vision to create such a great work of art. He looked through the pics I already had and wasn't satisfied with using any of them. He actually took some pictures of his own and used those as reference for his painting. Out of 25 or thirty pictures, he felt only 2 or 3 were worthy enough to use for a painting. I thought the pictures he used were really good, and then I saw the finished painting and thought it was even better than the pics.

Now I have this cool surrealistic painting that really represents how I feel about my dogs in an Iconic way.

The beauty about a painting, whether it's done in oil, acrylic, watercolor, ect. is that the artist is able to take out any unwanted imperfections you typically get with a photo like red eyes, heavy and dark cast shadows, fur frizzes, an ear folded back, any ugly items that the dog might be sitting next to. ect.

I have had one person tell me that "Max seems to be more than just some dog in this painting". This remark coming from a friend of mine that doesn't like dogs very much, but he made it apparent about how cool he thought the painting was. I take a great amount of pleasure knowing that this painting had given him a new appreciation for animals that he didn't have before.

I had the idea to have portraits painted of my dogs when I was thumbing through a dog art book one day. Here are just a few paintings that inspired me. Just copy and paste the text into your browser. Enjoy!

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