Dogs Need Antioxidants When Fed Commercial Food

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Dogs Need Antioxidants When Fed Commercial Food

by Robin Plan

Many pet food manufacturers offer your dog nutrient levels that are at the lowest level needed to maintain just adequate health. Because of this we are faced with a crisis of poor health for our dogs. In a perfect and always truthful world our dogs would eat a balanced diet from kibble or canned food. Well we don't live in a perfect world and though the pet food manufacturers may not be lying to us intentionally, the truth is our dogs are not getting a balanced diet. What goes into dog food is highly questionable and the end product is usually high in additives and lacks freshness.

Not too many years ago dogs were fed table scrapes. The pet food industry and many veterinarians convinced us that people food was bad for dogs. It took a while but the notion finally grew on us and since we wanted to do the right thing for our beloved dogs we bought this commercial packaged food. The more removed dogs are from good, natural home prepared diets, the more they need supplements. It's just like with people, you are supposed to eat a wholesome well balanced diet. If you can do this every single day you should get everything your body needs from food. It's hard enough for us to eat right all the time so how can we see that our dogs eat right?

To be fair about commercial dog foods, there are high quality ones available. No one food is best for every dog. You don't have to start cooking for your dog if that's not a good fit for you. Even with home-prepared diets or one of the better commercial dog foods, dogs thrive when certain vitamins and minerals are added. A good antioxidant helps to counteract free radicals you dog is exposed to daily. Yes dogs are exposed to the same free radicals you are. If they breathe they are being exposed and their cells are being damaged from these free radicals.

The power of antioxidants is amazing. Many holistic veterinarians use them for the following issues:
They help keep the immune system in good shape or help to give it a boost.
Slow signs of aging.
Help with these problems:
Heart problems
Hip dysplasia
Irritable bowel syndrome
Skin problems and allergies
Added vitality and improved mobility
Last but not least, healthier, happier dogs.

Okay here's a starting point on what you may find in good pet antioxidants: Sprouts, like wheat grass
Barley grass
Vitamins A ? E ? C

I feed my 3 dogs a mix of dog food (Nature's Variety) and some of the same food I eat everyday. If what I'm eating isn't healthy for my dogs it isn't healthy for me either. I don't feed them fats, bacon, pork, sweets, or sauces. I use common sense. Check out this link for the antioxidant that has helped keep my 17-year-old dog healthy with remarkable mobility. She has no hip or joint problems.

Robin Plan- life long dog lover

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