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Dogs Outside or Inside

by Jake Rose

Choosing whether your dog is more of an inside or outside dog can have a strong effect on their personality. This can of course vary from breed to breed, and even dog to dog, depending on other experiences and even genetics, but here are a few things to take into account when deciding whether you want your dog to spend most of their time outside or most of their time inside.

The first thing to consider is the size of the dog. If it?s a small dog, it?s not suited for outdoor living. They don?t have the mass to keep themselves warm if needed, and even in a warm climate and a doghouse it can be risky. More importantly though is the problem of wild animals. Even something like a raccoon can be dangerous to a small dog. Large dogs are much heartier for outdoor living, and some even tend to prefer it.

Another thing to consider is how social the dog is. An outside dog doesn?t tend to get as much attention as an inside dog. Nicer weather can change this, and a large family with kids that like to play outside with the dog will help. But if the dog is already not getting a lot of attention, and/or the owner has a busy schedule that focuses on being inside a lot, keeping the dog outside can increase the chances of depression for it. Without a lot of human contact, it can also lack the proper skills and understanding of how to behave when around people. One example of such a behavior is overexcited ness that can lead to it jumping up for a ?hug? with the person. This can be dangerous with little kids, or even adults if the dog is big enough.

Other things to keep in mind besides the dog?s behavior and personality can include: the size of a yard, how much area it can move around in if tied up, provided sunny and shady space to keep warm and cool, proper toys to keep the dog amused, the weather and season to make sure the dog isn?t at risk of getting sick, and the age of the dog which like the weather can determine how easily the dog can get sick.

The benefits of an inside dog are numerous. Staying inside can provide a dog with better health, less chance of getting sick from bad weather or any diseases from ticks and other pesky insects. The dog might have a better chance to be social with more people and learn how to behave around company. It can calm a wild dog down by the confined space.

The benefits of an outside dog can also be wonderful. Staying outside can provide a dog with a much large and less confining living space. The dog can get a lot of exercise and a good dose of fresh air. It also assures the dog won?t get into messes or break things in the house, and will keep the house cleaner from dog fur.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks. It?s really up to the owner to determine just what will be best for their dog. The dog will adjust either way with a loving home and a thoughtful owner.

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Jake Rose is an artist and an author from Massachusetts.

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