Dogs Still a Mans Best Friend

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Dogs Still a Mans Best Friend

by Justin Vander Ploeg

People have owned dogs as pets for thousands of years.? Ever since then dogs have had a behavior problem.? You know what I?m talking about; dogs do many things that we do not want them to do such as, barking in the middle of the night, peeing on the carpet, digging holes in the ground, and even biting your guests.? Now, many people have tried to figure out ways to teach dogs how to act.? But lately there have been many books written on how to solve your dog?s behavior problem.? These books have a price but in my opinion they are worth it.? It is such a blessing to have your dog act the way you want him to and even have him perform a few tricks to impress your friends.? Dogs are like people in some ways: they like to be loved, they want to feel needed, and they like to play.

Dogs are used for many purposes such as, hunting food for their owner as they do in the books Sounder and Where the Red Fern Grows. But dogs are also used just as household pets like in books such as Shiloh. ?Dogs are one of the best companions you could ever have.? They will stand by you to the end and will protect you from enemies.? Dogs are used all over the world; they are used in wars, by the police, and as I have said just as your household pet.? They have been used in times past as the tool for bounty hunters, as one of the key providers for a frontier family, and as always your lovable household pet.

The number one place that people get there dogs at is the pet store.? Thousands of dogs are sold there each year.? The advantage of buying your dog at the pet store is that you will be able to choose which breed you want or you can get a specific mix of breeds.

People name their dogs many things and they have been doing so for thousands of years.? People have used unique names for their dogs that usually have wonderful meanings behind them. ?Dogs have been named everything from Fluffy to Thor.

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