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Dogs and Bones

by Eric Hartwell

You see this everyday; in cartoons, in pictures of dogs, in dog food advertisements? dogs love bones. Bones, especially the long marrow ones are the distinct symbol for dog happiness. They are relatively seen as dog treats that would send your dog into a frenzy every time you give them some. It can?t be helped, really. Even humans attest that meat definitely taste better when they are still attached to bones?think steaks or barbequed ribs! So who are we to argue if dogs find bone treats as delectable and mouth-watering as we ourselves find ribs and steaks?

The Advantages of Giving Bones

Giving your dogs some bones generally have the effect of making you a hero in their eyes. Dogs absolutely love bones and some cartoons even attest to this like when dogs are depicted as hiding their bones under mounds of earth just to keep these treasures to themselves. The bone is tastier for them since it contains the marrow, a fatty network of connective tissue that is the source of blood cells. Chewing on the bone also occupies much of a dog?s time and may keep him entertained for hours and hours until he finished everything off. More time eating, and definitely more delectable food?what more can a dog ask for?

Not only are they delicious, chewing on bones help keep a dog?s teeth healthier and cleaner than before. Chewing provides stimulation for the salivary glands to work and the saliva of a dog has been proven to help keep his teeth healthier. Chewing also keeps the tartar from building up on the teeth and helps maintain the cleanliness of the teeth too. Puppies are especially fond of chewing anything they get their paws on so giving them some bones to chew will definitely transport them to their happy places!

The Disadvantages of Giving Bones

But are they really treats or do they pose some risks for your beloved dogs? Dogs may see them as a delicacy, but bones have a somewhat sinister effect to them. This is very much the concern for all pet owners. Bones may cause some health problems for dogs like grating the vulnerable linings of the alimentary tract and may even cause some degrees of fecal impaction when not digested properly. Splintering bones are known to damage the alimentary tract especially when given raw or undercooked. This is especially hard for puppies since they still have underdeveloped teeth and digestive systems. As a general rule, it is usually best to give teething puppies some artificial nylon bones first to give them the satisfaction of chewing and keep them away from harm at the same time. It is usually best if you take the time to cook the bones in a pressure cooker first to make them softer for your dogs. This way, you make sure that the bones are safe for your dogs to eat and are properly digested too. You do not want to give your dogs some fecal impaction, right?

Giving your dogs some bone treats are definitely the way to their hearts but keep in mind that you have to be careful when giving them some, too.

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