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Dogs and Playtime

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs are very much like little children. They only have three things in mind: to sleep, to eat and to play. They run around the house, expect their masters to fumble and tumble with them and generally require that they have their special toys too. The toys for dogs are not just for playtime, though. They can also be used as training tools and may help in improving the condition of their teeth as well as distract them from running around the house and chewing everything from the foot of a table to your wife?s sandals.

But before going out and buying just any toy for your dog, you should take the time to know if the toy would suit his personality first. Remember, dogs also have their different temperaments and it is up to you, their owners, to know which type they are.

The Different Temperaments:

Certain breeds have distinct inherited physical and behavioral characteristics which have been passed on from generation to generation. Guard dogs such as the German shepherd and the Doberman pinscher have a strong body with a great desire for territorial defense and make excellent watchdogs. Hunting dogs with their keen eyesight and keen sense of smell are known for their speed and accuracy in catching game. They are happiest when they have lots of room in which to run about freely. Small dogs are born to be cuddly, carefree and lovable but because they tend to be high-strung and nervous, they are more compatible with adults than with children. All in all, dogs are very adaptable and can adjust to any environment and companion.

The Right Toys:

Chew toys are perfect for teething dogs. These toys are usually made of latex rubber or nylon and are best for cleaning the teeth of your dogs. Chew toys stimulate the salivary glands to produce more saliva that can help keep tartar from building up on the teeth of your dogs. Squeaky toys are best used to develop a dog?s hunting skills. The dog will surely develop his sense of hearing when you hide the squeaky toy and make him locate it by the squeaky sound. Retrieving toys like Frisbees and balls are perfect for the energetic dog. Just train him to give the toy back to you or place it on your feet and you?re off to go. This kind of toy also helps you develop your throwing abilities. Tug toys are perfect for dogs which are intensely interested on playing tug with their owners. They hold on to the toy and try not to let go. These toys are available in rope designs and exciting colors as well. Brain teasers such as the Duck Egg Baby help develop the intelligence of your dogs by making them solve a puzzle or finding a secret opening at the bottom to get the treat.

The right toys for your dog should be one which is appropriate with his needs, personality and size. Keep in mind that you have to get to know your dog first to know which toy to buy him and which would keep him happiest.

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