Dogs and Responsibility

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Dogs and Responsibility

by Linda Meckler

Do you have a dog for a pet? Are you responsible for the every day maintenance a dog requires? Did you know that your dog gives you unconditional love? Did you know that our pet dogs are a precious package wrapped up in unbounded love? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, read on.

Every child wants a chance to own their own dog during childhood. Their dogs snuggle, cuddle and listen to their every thought. Our pet dogs never complain or talk back. They are the child?s best friend and give their owner unconditional love.

Did you have a dog when you were a child? This is a great way to teach your child responsibility? Your dog needs to be fed, loved, taken for numerous walks and bathed. If you can get your child to take on these numerous responsibilities on a daily basis, you have instilled in your child responsibility.

Your child will take great pride in showing off their prize pet to their family and friends. There self esteem will blossom. This is a gigantic step in childhood to help achieve the responsible adult your child will become.

Not only are family dogs a member of the family in most cases they are treated as a member of the family. They sleep in your house, sometimes on your bed and they are usually within your sight or calling distance at all times.

All your dog wants to do is please and love you.

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