Dogs on a Routine

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Dogs on a Routine

by Jake Rose

Dogs are very intelligent and lovable creatures. There is a reason they are called ?man?s best friend.? Dogs are also instinctive creatures and they run on inner clocks. It is important to remember this when taking care of a dog. They have a routine and if it gets too off track it can confuse a dog or make them depressed.

Dogs are so intelligent and obedient that they can be trained. They have been trained in numerous ways for many centuries and even millenniums. With their ability to follow orders and memory of certain rules, dogs create mental patterns and routines that help them become adjusted in new households.

For example, our dog Chloe has a keen sense of time in knowing when my mother is going to be home from work. She does not need to hear the sound of a car or footsteps in the driveway to know that my mom is coming home. My dog prepares for her arrival everyday around 4:30 pm, for that is when my mother gets out of work. Whether my dog was sleeping under the bed, or playing with her toy in the living room, she will rush to the window and wait for my mother?s arrival.

Chloe also has learned that when my mother comes home, that it is time to go outside and pee. This is both handy and annoying, for my dog associates any time my mother comes home as a time to go outside to pee. It can be handy after my mother has gotten home from a long day of work and my dog really does need to do. Chloe knows not go in the house and has been trained to understand that when my mom comes home from that it is time to go outside. But Chloe feels she must go outside on times when she doesn?t have to pee, not because she wants to go outside, but she?s just kind of use to trying to when my mom comes home. So if my mom was out with friends and comes home a bit late, and Chloe has already been outside for the night and is all set, she will still insist on crying to go outside and stay outside for a minute or two as if just making sure she doesn?t have to go again.

It can be important to keep the dog on such a common routine and not mess them up too much. This helps them become trained quicker when they get into a pattern of doing something. If a dog is trained to understand that when the owner comes home it is time to go outside, like my dog, then it is a good idea to try not to be too late on arrival. Also being too early a lot of times can change the dog?s pattern. Either can confuse the dog and make them forget the pattern or adapt to a new one which might be only temporary as the owner adjusts through a new work schedule or the like.

Having a steady lifestyle helps a dog get better adjusted to a new owner and a new lifestyle of their own. Having someone to rely on makes them happy and comfortable. If the owner is sporadic with their arrivals or stays with the dog, maybe taking on a new job or too many outside activities of the house, the dog can become depressed as they don?t quite understand what is going on other than their time with their own is being split up in strange patterns that they can?t adjust to quick enough.

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Jake Rose is an artist and an author from Massachusetts.

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