DogsCan Keep You Healthy Heres Why

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DogsCan Keep You Healthy Heres Why

by Sacha Tarkovsky

Everyone who has ever owned a dog, knows the meaning of the wise old saying that a ?dog is man?s best friend?.

The saying could never be more true according to a recent study done at Queens University in Belfast.

Dr. Deborah Wells, a senior lecturer there has concluded in the prestigious British Psychological Society Journal that dog owners have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer minor ailments and more importantly, are less likely to develop serious medical problems.

A Dog?s Extraordinary Sense of Smell

It was also revealed that pet dogs can act as early warning systems for more serious diseases.

A dog?s sense of smell can detect malignant melanomas, and low blood sugar states in diabetes.

In fact, there are sensory powers in dog?s which are not totally explained, such as how they know their master?s are homeward bound, even if the master is a great distance away from home. These powers seem to help the dog?s owners in subtle ways.

Health Studies

Dr. Wells pointed out that in her study, when comparing people who took cats and dogs from animal rescue shelters, all noticed and reported a decrease in minor ailments such as headaches, colds and dizziness a month after the rescue visit.

The interesting part of the study was that only the dog owners maintained the improvements ten months later.

Other studies cited by Dr. Wells suggest that dogs appeared to aid recovery of their masters from serious illnesses like heart attacks.

Added Benefits

With an increased state of good health, dog owners are likely to live longer. Dr. Wells also pointed out the dog owners lived longer after heart attacks those non-dog owners.

The daily walk with one?s dog added to physical fitness and improves also one?s social contacts in life.

This in turn appears to enhance ones physiological and psychological health in a more indirect manner.

Cat and other per owners do not appear to have this benefit.

The Loyalty Factor

It is a long-standing fact that dogs are very loyal to their owner-masters, and develop some psychic and spiritual connection with them.

This in turn appears to directly affect the health and well-being of the master in ways not totally understood.

Stories about dogs finding their way home, over thousands of kilometers, and with great hardship are not uncommon.

So basic is this theme, many books and films have been made on the subject.

This loyalty factor is felt by the owner-master, which creates a bond of responsibility and even love, and acts as a constant psychological boost.

Why the Dog?

It appears from archeological evidence that man and dog?s relationship goes back way into pre-history, and follows in every civilization that followed. The dog appears to have thrown his lot in with man?s, and the two have been together since time immemorial.

Which Dog to Own? There are thousand of choices to make, and no matter what breed, or lack of breed, the dog?s heart will always be with their master-owner.

Depending on where you live, what life-style you have, and how you live, you will find a dog that suits your nature. What follows then seems to be, the protection of your health and well-being, promoted by your four legged friend.


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