Dont Wait Potty Train Your Puppy

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Dont Wait Potty Train Your Puppy

by Wycliffe Williams

How many times should you clean up puppy mess?


I recently purchased a very practical book on how to potty train your puppy in 7 days. Yes, I was having some problems communicating who the boss was. But puppies are so lovable.

I turned to this author because over 20,000 other puppy lovers had sought out his help also. He makes the bold claim that he can teach you how to potty train your puppy in 7 days.

His downloadable ebook is written using an easy, practical style. He takes you by the hand, and moves you step-by-step through the process. Let?s take a quick look at whether he fulfills his self-imposed 7 day deadline.


The author places a primary emphasis on bonding between you and your newest best friend. He weaves this bonding magic all through the ebook.

Puppies respond positively to a lot of love and attention. They follow you around and cry for you when you are not there. The bonding exercises were good for me.

Admittedly, sometimes I did take things a bit too far. But the ebook contains plenty of tips on bringing things back into perspective for the puppy, (and for me too!)


Right up there alongside bonding is discipline/obedience. These foundation planks surely have made this the number one ebook on how to potty train your puppy.

I found discipline especially difficult. Puppies do not like it when you seem unhappy with them. The techniques employed in this section are what set this ebook head and shoulders above the rest.


The author really comes into his own integrating the puppy into the family. He definitely moves away from the pack in this section. Parents are encouraged to guide their children in how to properly potty train their puppy. Children have very specific tasks in consistently applying the training techniques.


This ebook is especially sensitive when considering our many retirees. The author understands fully the important part puppies play in filling a void in the lives of our elderly. The techniques employed are thoughtful and friendly toward our senior citizens.

For instance, his disciplinary strategies are not harsh or crude. But are designed to foster a loving and passive relationship between you and your puppy. While all the time moving toward the goal of potty training your puppy.

Passive Techniques

As the 7 days begin to draw to a close, it is very gratifying to see many of the passive potty training techniques begin to pay off. On the more practical side, I found that the passive strategies seemed to be designed to curb aggression and lessen the chances of snaps and bites.


I really didn?t want to mention the bonuses that come with this ebook purchase. However, one stands out high and lonely, and merits mention. It?s super bonus #1. Should you hit a roadblock in potty training your puppy, help is not far away.

The author has kindly offered a one on one email consultation. You are invited to ask him anything by email. Yes?it?s free! And the email consult is guaranteed for two years.

In closing, I found that the author more than met his promise of showing how to potty train your puppy in 7 days. Thanks to him, my house has finally regained its pleasant odor.

Wycliffe Williams comes from a big family and animals have always been a part of his family. Puppies are adorable aren?t they? If you have a puppy, don?t wait-potty train your puppy now! This ebook will offer you tremendous help even in areas you hadn?t thought of. Grab this link now

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