Dont We Just Love Our Dogs

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Dont We Just Love Our Dogs

by Mathew Chewing

Our primate friends are becoming closer & closer to us everyday. Have you ever thought back 10 years ago when we use to leave our dogs outside in their kennel & for them to be given our scraps from dinner.

Have you ever thought that we never use to give them hardly any attention & use to think dogs were mainly for security. Well times have changed & so have the way we treat our dogs. Us being the owners, over time have invited the 'canine pet' into our living rooms now with big open arms treating the 'canine pet' as a family member, therefore, certainly becoming a member of the household!

This has only really taken place in the last couple decades & for some reason we are giving the 'canine pet' more attention, taking them on holidays more & more, better quality food, more effective bathing treatments, better tick & flea protection & it's even going as far as insurance for our pets. There is more attention to our pets these days & that is because the world is changing at such rapid pace, we all need to have that someone special in our lives & for many people it maybe our friend, the canine. They are loyal & extremely smart creatures & we still have so much more to learn about these facinating creatures. I hope one day Man & dog can have an intelligent conversation but would this spoil the bond!

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