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Easy Home Remedies For Dogs

by Javier Fuller

Any kind of experiment or incomplete knowledge can not be used on your pet. In fact it is better to consult vet if you have slightest of doubt regarding the efficacy of the treatment.

As with any kind of remedy, home remedies for your pet should not be just a verbal treatment. So you need to possess the right knowledge regarding the quality and dosage of the medicine before giving to your dog. Also, you should know that any medicine that works for you may not be the one for the canine.

Here are some easy home remedies you can safely use for your dog:

Ticks or fleas
Make a paste of the orange rinds and apply it evenly on the fur of the dog. Let it remain there for five hours. And then wash it gently. This is one easy and safe home remedy for helping your dogs get rid of ticks and fleas.

Chop some garlic cloves (not more than three at a time) and mix it well into the canine?s food. This is the correct and effective preventive measure for ticks.

Dry, cracked paws
You will find the irritation in the behavior of the dog, due to cracked and dry paws. Take Vaseline or petroleum jelly and apply it to the paws for four to five days. You will find the expected improvement and the paw will heal.

Odor problem
As part of the overall cleanliness drive, add a few drops of vinegar in the dog's bath water. Bad smell and unhygienic odor will be a thing of the past now. But to implement the same scheme for bath during winters would be difficult as the dog is reluctant to take the bath. It gets dirty day by day and could be the source of infection for your family. You can use soda bicarbonate as a dry shampoo. Rub it vigorously and evenly. This is as effective as you have given a good bath to the dog.

Chewing furniture
Your puppy has the habit of chewing furniture legs. Take clove oil and give a thin coating, within the teach of the tongue of the puppy. You will find soon that your puppy is looking out alternative places for its adventure.

Insects and bites
Insect stings and bites are another common problem with the dogs. As soon as you notice this, put adequate solution of baking soda and water on the stung area, as if you are giving a bath. You will notice swelling and apply ice packs to counter this. Do it a number of times in a day for 5 minutes at a time. If it is a serious sting, watch the behavior of the dog for 24 hours and if you find any abnormality, take him to the vet.

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