Effective Dog Training by Using Collar and Leash

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Effective Dog Training by Using Collar and Leash

by Leo Enoch

Leash Training is one of the most common training approach and the leash itself would perhaps is the most basic tool used in training your dog.

Below are some things you should consider into before going into leash training which will help you to be more effective in training your dog:

1. You can begin leash training even when your dog is still a puppy. To Start leash training as early as the puppy stage will increase the effectiveness tremendously.

2. Buy only a good quality of training leash and collar, do take care to ascertain the proper size of the collar and the length of the leash. A good training collar is intended to put specific pressure whenever the leash is tightened. The leash must be made with strong material, you would not want to go chasing your dog around with broken leash.

3. Be patient with your dog. Different dogs adapt differently when they are put on leash for the first time. Some shows no problem while other might struggle initially. You can put on the leash on your dog even when you are not taking your dog for a walk; this will help him to be comfortable moving around with the leash.

4. You must understand that in collar and leash training, the leash become a method of communication and correcting your dog, once you understand the use of the leash in dog training and you are comfortable in using it, then only you can begin your training effectively.

5. One of the basic behaviors that you can train your dog with collar and leash training method will be to have your dog walk properly on a lead. A well trained dog will be able to adjust his pace with yours. You do not have to slow down or speed up your pace but instead your dog will have to adjust to your pace.

During the initial phase of the leash training, it is common to find that your dog will charge ahead of you or lacking behind. In this case you need to give your dog a tug on the leash to tell him that he needs to adjust his pace. Once your dog responded well, you need to relieve the pressure as soon as possible to show him that he has perform well in obeying your tug.

6. Remember that the leash is just one of the simple tools in dog training. Although the leash is a basic tool that is needed in this kind of training, you must be aware that there are many more tools out there exist and you should make it your objective to learn and achieve the same great result in training your dog as when you are using the leash.

To end this, leash training can never be more successful than when it is practiced with your great relationship with your dog. The end objective is to get your dog to obey you even when they are not on leash. It will be a great accomplishment when you can just use your own hand or tone of voice to make your dog obey you.


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