Elevated Dog Feeders For Pain Inflicted Dogs

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Elevated Dog Feeders For Pain Inflicted Dogs

by Joanell Hutchinson

Is your dog trying to tell you something is wrong?

Do you recognize the signs of pain and illness in your dog? Like people, dogs suffer from many diseases and ailments that become increasingly painful such as Osteoarthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Joint Trauma.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease resulting in progressive deterioration of the articular cartilage. It can be the result of trauma, infection, immune-mediated diseases, or from developmental malformations. Recognition of the disease can be lameness, swelling of the joints, and wasting away of the muscles.

Types of treatments used include medical, surgical procedures, diet and weight reduction to reduce strain, exercise on soft surfaces, and warm compresses to relieve joint pain.

Hip Dysplasia is the abnormal development of the thigh or hip joint. It is most common in large dogs and is characterized by joint laxity or joint looseness and can result in degenerative joint disease. It may be recognized by mild to severe lameness and is usually more noticeable after exercise.

Types of treatments used include medical and surgical procedures, diet or reduction of weight, limited exercise on soft surfaces, physical therapy to strengthen muscles.

Joint Trauma can result in ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments, conformational defects (more common in straight-legged dogs), and joint fractures including the shoulder, elbow, hip, and stifle. The joint often becomes inflamed and quite painful.

Types of treatment include pain reducing medications, surgery, weight reduction through diet, and controlled physical therapy.

Do you know what treatments are best for your dog? There are many differing opinions on treatments for dogs just as there are for humans. Whether you prefer to rely on standard medical advice or on holistic advice, be certain to consult with a reputable Veterinarian. If you prefer the holistic approach then consult with a holistic Veterinarian. Look for one who has first become a Veterinarian and then pursued the holistic aspects of medicine.

What can you do to help ease your dog?s pain? Comfortable bedding, warm compresses, and moderate exercise will help. You can also make it easier for your dog to eat with adjustable elevated dog feeders that will ease any neck, shoulder, or back pain by allowing you to adjust the height of the bowls up or down reducing the degree of bending over to dine.

Adjustable raised dog feeders are also helpful to aged dogs experiencing neck and joint pain from years of use. It will adjust up as your puppy grows taller, aid with digestion, assist even small dogs who are ill or have an inhibited sense of balance.

No matter what breed of dog you have or are considering for your family, be certain you understand how to care for them properly, how to recognize if something is wrong, and where to find the best help when in need. Your local library can provide a wealth of information about specific breeds and illnesses, as well as information on caring for and training your dog.

Article written by JD Hutchinson http://www.dogbreedcenter.com

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