Entering A Dog Show May Not Be As RUFF As You Think

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Entering A Dog Show May Not Be As RUFF As You Think

by Whitney Morris

Many new dog owners may not know much about the dog they just brought into their life, or what the potential experiences are for them as dog owners. For many people, the dog may be a life-long friend, but for others- the dog could be a new tool they will befriend and utilize in the world of dog competitions. Dog shows today are not just another sporting competition. A whole social life and experience revolves around them, and the people and pets that take place in them. The dogs that take place in these competitions are celebrities to most people that compete alongside them. In America, the AKC (American Kennel Club) is a group in which you can have your dog registered, but they must be a pure-bred dog. When buying a dog that is "AKC registered" make sure to ask for proof, and maybe even consider contacting the AKC directly to get more information on that specific dog.

If you are not buying an AKC registered dog, you may register it yourself at the AKC website . The AKC claims it will take about 3 weeks for your dog to be registered. Now that you've got an AKC registered dog- the world of dog shows is waiting for you! Before entering any dog shows, your dog must be trained. Depending on your breed and health of the dog, training may need to be started at different age.(Check the links at the bottom of article for a great dog training program.) Once you have an AKC registered dog, and an obedient one at that- here comes the fun stuff, showing your dog!

If you are thinking of entering the kind of dog shows that you have seen on TV, these specifically are called "conformative" shows. They are given this name because the dogs are conforming to a certain standard for that breed of dog. You want to make sure you understand the rules and regulations before entering the show, and details like where the show is held. The AKC website has extensive information regarding this subject. Once you've entered your first conformative dog show competition, the possibilities are endless for you and your dog! You can train for agility, tracking, and even obedience! ( For dog training at home, check the links below the article) Dog shows can be a great experience spiritually and physically for you and your four-legged friend. It is something you with share with his friends, and your friends forever!

If you are the owner of an amazing mixed-breed dog with some quirks, and you think he deserves some time in the spotlight- don't frown! There are competitions for dogs that are mixed-breeds as well!

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