Examples of Dog Training Supply Essentials

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Examples of Dog Training Supply Essentials

by Muhammad Hazman Mohamed Noor

For persons who have determined to try to train their dogs at home, there is the need to assemble a few important pieces of equipment and supplies that will aid in the training process. Here are a couple of examples of dog training supply essentials you need in order to train your pet.

First, you will require the usual leash and possibly a harness as well. You will use the leash in not only teaching the dog how to behave during a walk, but also to relate the tone of your voice and the sounds you make to the performance of a specific task. The leash provides you with the means of reinforcing your voice command with an action. The combination will help your pet learn what you wish him or her to do.

In some instances, you may need to invest in a dog-training collar. This is not the same as the flat collar your pet wears most of the time. Often the dog-training collar is referred to as a chain collar or a choke chain. You only place this collar on your dog when you are engaged in a formal training session. The construction of the choke collar provides you with the ability to apply a small amount of pressure to reinforce your commands during the learning process. It is important to remember the idea her is not to injure your pet, but to add just a hint of extra incentive to learn what is expected. Make sure you understand how to use this dog training supply item properly before you begin to use it with your dog.

Keep in mind that one of the most effective tools in your dog training supply kit is affection. When your dog does a good job, let your voice and actions convey that to your pet. Most dogs are eager to please their masters and will respond quickly once they understand what is considered acceptable behavior.

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