Exciting New Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

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Exciting New Ways To Spend Time With Your Dog

by Donna Sanders

The dog park is still an excellent way to get your dog socialized and entertained. If you live in a rural area or don?t see other dogs often, this can be a great way to expose your dogs to others of his kind. But, what about taking him to a doggie boutique and bakery for a new outfit and treat? There they can also paint pictures, get their photos taken professionally and get microchipped. Or if you want to get the whole family involved, take your dog to the ballgame or to the local dog friendly mall.

Dogs can go so many more places these days. Of course they still need you to drive them there. PetSmart and Petco have become pass?. Sure, they still like to go, but don?t you think they would rather go to your favorite restaurant with you? Yeah they still aren?t allowed inside the restaurant, but odds are they can sit with you at an outside table and watch the world go by while you eat and pretend you aren?t feeding them under the table. Many of these restaurants or cafes are located in the trendy new dog friendly malls.

Most of these are outdoor malls that include many walking paths, lots of ?Oops? stations and ground level drinking fountains along the way. And of course, bushes that need to be watered occasionally. A large majority of the shops at these dog friendly malls will let you bring your pooch in. Doesn?t that put you in a better frame of mind to buy something? You already like the store because they allow your pet so you are more likely to come inside and buy. Retailers realize this. Just make sure your pet has already used the facilities outside and is on his best behavior. Those unexpected purchases of hundred dollar outfits that smell like dog urine sometimes don?t fit into the budget!

What better way to spend the day with your furry friend than while shopping? Business owners are beginning to understand that people want to be with their pets more and they spend more money on them so they are making it easier for them to do just that. With that same idea in mind, other venues are beginning to realize just how far mom and dad will go to entertain the family pet. Baseball games are becoming dog friendly too. Here in our town they have two ?Dog Daze? games per year where you can bring your dog (I did see one cat) to the game. Dogs get in free of course. They have free hot dogs, music, vendor booths and lots of time to sniff around and meet new friends before the game. I am not quite sure how they feel about watching people chasing balls for a couple of hours.

My treat business catered little baseball cookies to hand out to the masses. Everyone thought they were so cute I had a hard time getting the people to hand them over to the dogs! The local newspaper attended and took photos and a good time was had by all. I did not see or hear one fight and there were lots of dogs. This was the first game I attended and even though I did not bring my dog I had a great time. After seeing how much fun it was I may come next time to watch the game and bring my dog! He does have a baseball outfit I could show him off in.

The bottom line is the bottom line in the retail markets. There is lots of money to be made as pets become more accepted as members of the family. Pet owners want to involve their pets in many parts of their lives and it is becoming acceptable to do so in the commercial world. People want to take their pets on vacation so there are many more pet friendly hotels. There are pet friendly beaches, parks, malls, stores, hotels and so much more that didn?t even exist 5 years ago. People spend money on their dogs like never before. The family pet has become more pampered than some of our children.

Next time you go out, notice how many dogs you see that you hadn?t before. Even if you are in a store that says they don?t allow pets, you will see eyes looking at you from the depths of a doggie shoulder bag that many women now carry like purses. Their dogs go everywhere and most times no one even realizes it. Of course, the family Rottweiler will not fit into one of these. You have to have one of the little guys. They have all the luck.

Donna Sanders is a pet owner and lover. She runs an online business getsometreats.com which caters to pets with allergies and illnesses. Custom treats are made with all natural, organic ingredients that can be trusted. Of course, regular treats are available as well as birthday cakes for that special furkid birthday. Her own pets are tried and true testers of these doggie treats.

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