Exercising With Your Dog

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Exercising With Your Dog

by Javier Fuller

One of the greatest benefits of having pet dog is that it makes you exercise even when you have no such intention. Even if you do the least with your dog, you'll still be walking it in the morning or in the evening, which is a morning or evening walk for you as well. That's a hidden benefit of having a pet dog.

Dogs make excellent exercise companions because they naturally enjoy being physically active. So, you can make them a part of your exercise program, especially if you exercise outdoors because the presence of an animal with a resounding bark and sharp teeth is an effective deterrent to those lurking wrongdoers. Besides of course dogs make exercising a pleasurable activity. When you indulge in a physical activity, dogs tend to take active part in it and serve as great workout buddies. They are very effective stress busters and induce simplicity in life.

You may start running with your dog, but make sure that he run alongside you and does not cross your path or else he would end up hurting you unintentionally. For this you need to train the dog. Start jogging carefully with him and make him understand that when you are running you intend to run forth in straight line and have no intentions to leap and play.

You may also bike alongside you dog. He would definitely run along but ensure that he doesn't start chasing. He needs to understand that you are not playing catch-me-if-you-can.

Among the most popular dog exercises is throwing the ball and asking him to get it back to you. If you do it sitting and make the dog do most of the work, you'll keep him active but make yourself inactive. So, when you throw the ball move yourself and then throw. This will make the dog bring ball to you at a different location in the yard every time. This not only keep you active but also makes the activity more pleasurable for both of you.

Being active with your dog is indeed a very rewarding experience. It takes the psychological burden of exercising off one's brain and makes one workout rather effortlessly.

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