Exploit Your Dogs Personality Wisely

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Exploit Your Dogs Personality Wisely

by Peter John

Exploiting your dog's personality wisely and positively will bring effective results. Harnessing dog's natural tendencies and reinforcing them into proper channels will helpful to modify your training and achieve a happier, healthier bond between you and your pet. As personality varies from dog to dog so is their training.

It is easy to train a Curious dog than an Aggressive dog because curious dogs by nature are inquisitive and love to learn and perform. They are most easily trained by giving them a challenge to work out and once they are trained to focus their attentions then these dogs prove themselves excellent in tracking whereas unlike curious dogs, the Aggressive dog are difficult to tame and are very defensive of its master's belongings. This personality trait of this type of dogs should be reinforced in a positive way that is by teaching the proper outlet for its aggression otherwise there is the risk of finding this dog attacking a neighbor's child for getting too close to the fence.

The Friendly dog are wonderful companions and are amazing when trained for specialized purpose for example visiting hospitals in a pet therapy usage. These doges are easy to handle because they are very obedient and will do anything to please you and to gain your attention and approval. These friendly attitudes need a little bit of modification which involves how to control their over friendly advances as their warm personalities can be a bit overwhelming for some peoples liking.

Patience and Understanding are the key factors to train a Shy or Reclusive dog as well as The Nervous or Easily Frightened dog. Shy dog by nature will always try to stay out of your reach and sight and can be stubborn during the training process but the trainer needs to be patience and understanding. Even the Nervous dog must also be treated carefully with patience because they have worst, abusive and neglecting past records. Therefore it is strictly recommended to avoid using negative reinforcements unless a particular behavior could prove harmful to you, the pet or another individual. Learning the past of the animal and finding what behaviors activate the fear reactions of the animal will help you to work accordingly. Leash training with a lot of rewards for appropriate behavior will help you to establish a healthy relationship with your dog. Trust between you and your dog must be established before you start any training.

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