Eye and Heart Diseases Common In Golden Retrievers

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Eye and Heart Diseases Common In Golden Retrievers

by Peter Finch

Like all pets, Golden Retrievers too are prone to diseases such as those of the heart and eye. Though Golden Retrievers are by and large a very healthy breed, there are some common health issues that affect them. There are many diseases that can afflict the eyes and heart of the Golden Retriever. Nature-wise diseases contracted vary from hereditary/congenital, acquired through injury or environmentally induced.

Heart Diseases in Golden Retrievers

This breed can possibly be afflicted with SAS, which is restriction of the Aorta, the symptoms of which include having an enlarged heart enlargement and restricted blood flow. The younger ones have statistically proved more vulnerable to this dreaded malady that often ends in the pet dying prematurely. In severe cases of the ailment, the victim can get severely debilitated and it is possible that they can eventually and consequently even die from this disease. This malady is thought of by cardiologists as being solely genetically transmitted. Apart from this, there are other minor issues that can crop up regarding the heart. Thus, it is always better to ensure that both parents did not suffer from any heart disease as far as possible. Another heart problem seen in Golden Retrievers is Cardiomyopathy, which is essentially a disease of the muscles in the dog?s heart either making them too thin or too thick.

Eye Diseases in Golden Retrievers

The common eye disorders which the Golden retriever may possibly suffer from are bilateral, juvenile-onset cataracts and abnormalities of the eyelids / eyelashes. Cataracts mostly appear quite small and virtually have no fatally debilitating effect. Aside from this, the breed may contract abnormalities such as inward rolling of the eyelid and extra eyelashes on the inside of the eyelid. Please note that cataracts are not things to be taken lightly, and will require immediate attention to be discussed with your vet as soon as possible. Other eye disorders the Golden Retriever may possibly contract are progressive retinal atrophy and retinal dysplasia. There is also a wide assortment of genetic or congenital infirmities in this breed to reckon with. In severe cases, this may deteriorate to permanent blindness. Cataracts among the younger lot are mostly congenital.

Restricted blood supply to the eye are mostly found among the young. This is clinically alluded to as Collie Eye Anomaly. Another commonly occurring eye disease is Entropion, which is an inversion of the eyelids. Progressive Retinal atrophy or PRA is a degenerative condition, which causes night blindness and inability to see in low light conditions. Sadly, it ultimately stops the dog from being able to see in broad daylight as well. The incidence of this disease is common mostly among the young, but can affect adults as well. Glaucoma, which is caused by the imbalance of air pressure in the eyes often afflicts this breed. This is rare, but instances have been known to happen. In this case, there is no cure, but medication can control the onset of the disease if caught early.

Make sure you get a dog free of previous medical history of most or all of the diseases and health problems given here to save yourself from problems and heartache later.

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