FDA Finds Plastic in Your Dog Food

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FDA Finds Plastic in Your Dog Food

by M Bruno

Recent reports of wheat gluten tainted with aminopterin in commercial dog food manufactured by Menu Foods has spurred a nationwide recall of at least 95 private label and major dog food brands.

Aminopterin is a rat poison that has been used to induce abortions in the past and is prohibited for use in the United States. The aminopterin apparently found its way into the dog food via wheat gluten produced in China by a new supplier of the ingredient to Menu Foods.

As a result more than 16 pets have died to date. Reports of Kidney failure in dogs who have eaten the contaminated dog food is spreading in news flashes around the globe.

Now a new potentially fatal dog killer has been discovered in the recalled food by the FDA. Government tests have uncovered a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics in the recalled dog food.

Melamine has been discovered in tested samples of recalled dog food from Menu Foods and in the previously suspect wheat gluten. This chemical which is also utilized as a fertilizer has been discovered in the urine of sick pets and in the kidney of a pet that died.

If you buy any of the commercial dog food manufactured by menu Foods and listed at menufoods.com/recall/product_dog.html

Then you have been feeding rat poison, and now a chemical that is used to make plastics to your dog.

It should be no surprise that dogs live shorter lives than possible. In fact, dogs have a potential life expectancy of close to 25 years but most dogs live only an average of 10 years.

We stopped buying commercial dog food such as those listed in the recall years ago after we discovered skin conditions and other ailments in our dogs.

The change for the better was evident in a few short weeks as the junk in their system was replaced by healthy and nutritious foods.

Take the initiative now. Stop buying toxic poison and killing your dogs with junk that in our view is not suitable as food.

Your dog will give you a hug and be healthier for it.

Our dogs were sickly and we couldn?t figure out why. We took them off commercial dog food and are we ever glad we did. See what is in your dog food at http://www.dogs-4life.com/dog-food-that-kills.html This article may be reproduced unedited with the author's link displayed

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