FDA Halts Protein Imports After 2200 Dogs Die

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FDA Halts Protein Imports After 2200 Dogs Die

by M Bruno

As the worldwide pet and dog food recall expands to ever more dog food brands, the FDA has issued an alert halting the importation of all vegetable protein from China that is suspected of killing more than 2200 dogs.

The contaminated dog food brands that have been tainted with a variety of vegetable protein additives, includes in part: wheat gluten, rice gluten, rice protein, mung bean protein, corn gluten, corn by-products, corn gluten meal, soy protein, soy gluten, soy bean meal and soy bean powder. Some list, and it seems to expand weekly.

The FDA describes these ?ingredients? now commonly found to be part of many dog food brands to be a ?Poisonous or Deleterious Substance- Unfit For Food-Unsafe Food Additive?.

Unfit, unsafe, poisonous, these are the words of the FDA used to describe what dogs eat who are fed many commercial dog food brands.

The pet food industry recently made a very bold claim that their products are safe. This in light of an official death count of dogs alone totaling 2,200 according to the FDA. Some reports suggest the count may be higher.

These unsafe and poisonous "ingredients? have infiltrated dog food and now the human food chain as well.

So, what to do?

It may be some time before there is a definitive resolution of the current dog food recall crisis. The FDA and dog food manufacturers have a long way to go to convince dog guardians that these products are not tainted with unregulated poisons such as melamine, a chemical used to make plastics and at the center of the ongoing disaster.

Unfortunately, the melamine tainting of dog food is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unhealthy and life threatening ingredients regularly included by dog food companies in diets they tout as safe and healthy for your dog.

A partial list of inclusions in many dog food brands includes the rendered tissue of euthanized dogs and cats, parts of dead , dying, diseased and downed animals, feathers, toxins, carcinogens and blood.

The recent dog food recall has captured news headlines worldwide because of the rapid and widespread reports of kidney failure and death in dogs who have ingested this poisonous food.

That your dog may have been eating a brand that has been slowly killing her has been an untold story in many circles, until now.

You can find out what is included in commercial dog foods by visiting : http://www.dogs-4life.com/dog-food-that-kills.htmll

For the time being, you should consider buying only holistic or organic dog food, safe for human consumption. Better yet, why not consider making a natural home made dog food for your dog. You?ll sleep better knowing that your dog is safe from poisoning and save money as well.

My small 8 year old dog suddenly became ill and no vet could determine the cause. Her life expectancy was 25 years. Don?t let anything happen to your best friend. Learn more about the benefits of feeding a natural diet to your dog at:
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