Fashion Or Function Why Put Clothes On Your Dog

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Fashion Or Function Why Put Clothes On Your Dog

by Matthew Bowes

Besides fashion, there are many practical reasons to consider dog apparel:

COLD CLIMATES: Some dogs require extra protection from the elements although they have natural coats. For example, smaller hairless dogs are very uncomfortable in colder climates without the addtion of a coat or sweater.

FOLLOWING GROOMING: Following being clipped/shaved/washed some dogs can become susceptible to illness. The introduction of apparel serves the dog's need to be kept warm.

AFTER SURGERY: Following surgery that is coupled with hair loss. These dogs will require temporary protection while their hair grows back.

HARMFUL UV RAYS: Dogs that have been shaved resulting from skin ailments are susceptible to harmful UV rays. In this case a lightweight sun shirt would be very beneficial.

SKIN CONDITIONS: Many dogs suffer from skin ailments that are exacerbated by scratching by the dog. Our full body suit will act as a barrier between the dog and its skin in an effort to reduce the inflammation associated.

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