Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps No Longer a Good Choice for Feeding Your Dog

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Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps No Longer a Good Choice for Feeding Your Dog

by David Parton

As a child, it was common to feed our dogs with table scraps.A piece of fat trimmed here, an unwanted piece of meat there and at the best of times, our dog would get to gnaw for hours on a delicious t-bone.

Times have changed and as consumers we demand low-fat, boneless pre-trimmed cuts of meat. Modern foods are mostly prepackaged and portion-controlled. As delectable as the waste may be to Rover,we are really left with scraps only fit for a trash bin.

Add to the mix the abundance of artificial colorings, preservatives,artificial flavours, excessive sodium quantities and sugar and we are often making dietary choices for ourselves that would make a nutritionist cringe. It hardly seems wise to pass on our poor food choices to our unwitting pets.

If you insist on feeding your dog with table scraps ask yourself this first: Would I save this for leftovers or would I just chuck it into the compost? Don't expect your dog to be so discerning.

Sometimes, it is a nice treat to spice up your dog's store-bought food with a little people food.Unless the scraps are finely chopped and blended with the commercial foods, most dogs will simply pick out the table scraps and leave the balanced food behind.

I used to be amused by my dog Sheba. She really enjoyed Mom's beef stew and would scarf it down with delight.However, before chewing she would carefully spit out the peas into a pile beside her bowl. Funny dog.

Most table scraps are fats and carbohydrates, these are empty calories. If you want a fat and listless dog this is the diet of choice.Would you want to live on that kind of junk? Probably not. Aside from the possible health risks, it will come to the point where your dog will expect scraps and reject the commercial food. Store bought pet food is formulated to meet all your dog's dietary requirements.

Are you killing your dog with kindness? She may be a "member of the family." She may hold a cherished place in your heart and be your "baby." Would you raise your child primarily on popcorn, chocolate and ice cream? Of course not! So don't let your dog con you into giving it too much people food.No mooching.

If you truly love your dog you can rest easy knowing she will be fit and healthy because you make the appropriate dietary choices for feeding your dog.

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