Feeding Your Dog Poison Food Multi Billion Dollar CoverUp Responsible For 87 Of All Dog Deaths

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Feeding Your Dog Poison Food Multi Billion Dollar CoverUp Responsible For 87 Of All Dog Deaths

by Terrance Forbes

I Just Lost My Dog "Fraulein" From Poison In Her Dog Food! Fraulein was a Husky. She was 7 years old and was adopted by our family 5 years ago. She had one blue eye and one brown and was white as snow. I was the one that she looked up to as I am fortunate to be able to work out of my home, and was around her most of the time. I live in South Florida with my wife and two son's. I always wondered who would bring a Husky Sled dog to South Florida in the first place, but, we took her into our home and our hearts.

Fraulein was a great dog as she never messed in the house and always told you when she had to go out. Her first owner did a great job of house training her. Too good to be sure. You would not believe it, but even when we were in the height of a Hurricane she would not go on news paper that I spread out for her by the front door. Here I was standing out in our front yard with my foul-weather gear on, Fraulein on her leash, me trying to stand up in 80mph. winds while she was taking a pee. She would finish fast and we would run back into the house. She was smart enough to stand nose into the wind. I just had to watch out not to be standing in back of her. I always thought how strange it might look to people who live up north to see in the news, "Man and dog blown away by Hurricane."

Fraulein would start my day around 6:30am every day rain or shine. She would come to the end of our bed and give me her "Time to go out talk." You might not know that Huskys do not bark very much. They do like to "Talk" in there own way. They are also totally worthless as a guard dog. "I do not mind telling you all this now that she is gone." We would leash up and off we would go. She had her route through the area where we live. She never dumped in our yard. She only went down the street in a common area under this large mango tree. This was good for me as I did not have to pick it up as no one ever walked there. The Mango Tree did not seem to mind as it was the greenest one and had the most fruit of all the trees in the area.

Everything was going good until last Saturday night. I had given her dinner "she only ate once a day." She would eat at 5:00 pm. She was slightly over weight so she only got 1/2 cup of kibble and some protein left-overs, mostly meat and fish from our table. She also enjoyed to chew a treat every night while we sat around watching TV. She was hooked on these meat filled raw-hide treats that we purchased at Publix and Wall-Mart. The label said, All Natural, No Chemicals added. Around 4:00am my oldest son woke me up saying, "Dad.. something is wrong with the Dog, I think that she is dying!" He had found her laying by my desk in our family room. She likes looking out the sliding glass doors while I worked. The floor is tiled and there is an AC vent over my desk. She would lay there watching me work on my PC for hours every day as we both kept cool. Her breathing was very shallow and labored. My wife jumped on the phone to call our Vet. but it was too late. She had a very frightened look on her face. I stroked her as I had always done as it calmed her during thunder storms. She was barley able to lift her head to look at me. I spoke to her and told her she was a good girl, and kept stoking her. She then layed her head down on her paws and then she died.

I can not tell you how this feels as it is not the same a loosing a parent. I lost both of my parents and it hurt but not like this. I was and am still devastated by her death. What had I done wrong? Why did she die so suddenly? There was no warning of her death of any kind. We took our 11:00pm nightly walk and she was fine. At this point I could not sleep. My dog was lying dead at my feet by my desk. It was too early to take her body to the Vets as they did not open till 8:00am. I then jumped on the internet to see if I could find out if anyone else had a dog go like this. This is when I found out what would be the eventual cause of her death. I just got the results of the blood and liver test that I had the Vet do to find out what had happened to my best friend. She had high levels of toxic chemicals in her blood and liver. Why had this happened you may ask. Well this is what this article is all about.

I found out that I was not alone with this problem. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a multi billion dollar cover-up responsible for up to 87% of all Dog deaths. I found out that many world famous doctors of Veterinary Medicine and published Dog Care Experts usniversally agree any dog that eats commercial dog food is at a much higher risk of dying prematurely and by the time symptoms are noticeable, it's often too late to prevent any agonizing death except by lethal injection.

Here is the loop hole. Dog food manufactures do not have to list preservatives that they themselves did not add. Many commercial dog foods that were tested that were labeled "Chemical Free" or "All Natural Ingredients" had synthetic antioxidants and preservatives that are known to cause Cancer among other things too long to list here. Is you dog a Cannibal? I found out that citys like Los Angeles supplies 200 tons of euthanized dogs and cats to the pet food industry every month! They are put down with "Sodium Pentobarbital." The bodies are rendered with pet collars, flea collars, ID tags, and plastic bags. This brown powder that is produced at the end of all this contains 25% fecal matter (Crap) and is called "Meat Meal" by the Pet Food Industry. The dead animals including Zoo and decaying road kill are treated with preservatives prior to rendering. All of these deadly chemicals including the Sodium Pentobarbital are still present, as they do not break down with heat during the rendering process.

Who is to blame here. Its all about the bottom line. The return on the dollar invested. My Vet is a good guy. He still sells food at his office that is un-safe and full of poison. He has a family to support and needs the cash form pet food sales to cover his nut. He was in the dark as to the Pet Food facts that I showed him. The Grocery Manufactures of America, the National Food Processors Association, and the Pet Food Institute join together and fight the FDA to keep the terms used as confusing and misleading as possible as too Pet Food Labels. They continue to hide this sinister "Protein Scam" from us. It is not much better for us humans and our health care. Doctors still treat your symtoms and not the root cause of your ailment. I beat off Diabetes with the help of a friend who works with Whole food Supplements, Herbs, minerals, diet, and eastern medicine. The doctors would have had me on the needle many years ago and I would have fallen into the void that my father and grandfather did.

Here is what you can do for you dog that will keep them around for many years. In fact you can increase your pets lifespan up to 134%. That is 8.3 years longer than statistically predicted for your breed. Save up to $10,00.00 in food costs. I found these facts too late for Fraulein, please don't take the chance of loosing your dog like I did. I just got this information the other day and will be feeding my next dog only food that I prepare myself. I can not give you the secret here as it is copy protected. All that you need to do is to click the link below and go to my Forbes Guy Review web page and click on the link. It will cost you noting to take a look and will cost you the life of your dog is you do not.

Thanks for taking the time reading Frauleins story. I would like to think that in her death other dogs may live long and healthy lives. I have been a total fool to feed her those Chew Treats and that Kibble. My dog trusted me to give her proper food and I failed. "PLEASE" Check out the link to my review site below. Check out all of the dog owners and there dogs that have benefited form safe dog food once you are on the site. Pass this on to all dog owners. Drop me a message with any comments.

Terry Forbes
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