Feeding Your Dogs Do You Know What Your Dogs Are Eating Euthanized Dogs And Cats Its Disgusting

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Feeding Your Dogs Do You Know What Your Dogs Are Eating Euthanized Dogs And Cats Its Disgusting

by William Savran

My name is Dr William Savran DDS (Retired). My passion is my pets. I own 2 dogs, named Ricky and Chico, 2 cats named Sushi and TJ, an African Grey parrot named Romeo and a Turtle named Tom. Since my children all left home to get married and pursue their careers my pets are now my children.

One day I found out from my Vet that my precious dog "Duke" who was my very best friend was dying from kidney failure and had to be euthanized at only 6 years old.

My Vet told me that the natural life span of a dog should be from 20 to 30 years and that the giant pet food companies were causing our pets to live shorter lives all because of their greed.

He also told me that the preservatives in dog food along with the practice of using euthanized dogs and cats, putrid road kill and rancid meats unfit for humans were all used in making the dog foods that we see on the shelves of supermarkets!

I was shocked and amazed at what he told me so I started to do some research and what I found simply knocked my socks off.

I made it my mission to inform dog and cat owners about this amazing cover-up. When I tried to tell my story in pet magazines I was told over and over that my ads were not appropriate for their readership. That is because those publications all run ads for the pet food companies that take part in this conspiracy. It is those companies advertising that keeps the pet magazines in profit.

I have put a website together with all the information I found out and you as a dog or cat owner must find out before it's too late to save your prescious pet!

For more information go to: http://www.petfoodexposed.com To The Best Of Health To You And Your Dog Or Cat!

Dr William J Savran DDS (Retired) Pet Lover-Researcher-Animal Activist

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