Feeding Your Puppy

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Feeding Your Puppy

by Craig McPherson

Premium pet food tends to have higher nutritional value. In particular, foods such as Science Diet, Eukanuba, Nature's Recipe.

This means you can generally feed your dog a smaller amount of food.

Also, they tend to be highly digestible which means that there is less waste to clean up in the yard.

For these two reasons, many people feed their pets premium foods over grocery store foods.

But the decision is yours and many healthy, happy dogs have been raised on plain Purina Dog Chow.


There are two methods you can use to feed your puppy: FREE FEEDING and SCHEDULED FEEDING.

FREE feeding is when dry food is left out all day and the dog eats as it wishes.

SCHEDULED feeding gives the dog food at set times of the day, and then takes it away after a period of time, such as a half hour. In most cases, you are best off feeding your puppy on a schedule.

This better controls elimination when trying to house train. In addition, many dogs will overeat and become overweight on a free-feed schedule. But for other dogs, such as dogs with gastric problems or older dogs, frequent small meals may be better for them. If you are unsure, you may want to discuss your particular situation with your vet.

We recommend that most dogs get the biggest part of their daily meal in the morning and another smaller meal at night. That way they have energy throughout the most active time of day and have a chance to burn off any excess energy without gaining weight. The second smaller meal is to satisfy hunger and replace lost calories e.g.: highly active dogs, Sporting and working dogs. In the case of early starts for working dogs this may need to be reversed so as to avoid cramping muscles and fatigue.

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