Finally Revealed What To Do When Your Dog Is Sick

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Finally Revealed What To Do When Your Dog Is Sick

by Mike Torres

Good pet owners know when his pet suffers from an illness. Dogs do not always get sick. If ever they feel the pain or illness, they will sure show it through their unusual actions this is the reason why any abnormality in their physical condition is easier to detect.

But then sometimes, when you least expect that your dog is sick, hidden infections may show in physical examinations performed by licensed veterinarian, therefore, it is still best to always visit your pet clinic at least twice a year.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

If diarrhea and vomiting is the problem, avoid giving food to your canine for 12 to 24 hours. Give only ice cubes or ice cold water to avoid dehydration. Contact the nearest pet clinic if your dog s condition continues for another 24 hours.

Surface Wounds

Simple cuts and abrasions should be washed with a mild antiseptic. Remove the dirt and apply a mild agent to the wound of the dog. An example of a mild agent is tincture of merthiolate. If the wound requires additional attention, consult the veterinarian immediately.

Eye Injuries

If there is eye injury of any kinds, wash them with clean water as quickly as you can. If there is a foreign matter on lids, remove it at once. If the surface of the eye is scratched, put mineral oil on it. The oil forms a clear film that protects the eye until you reach the veterinarian.

Burns and scalds

Apply a protecting agent such as Vaseline, butter or lard. Be careful to the areas of the burns and scalds to avoid infection. For this kind of wound, only a veterinarian can help your dog because besides knowing how to ease your pet s pain, he/she may also prescribe the proper antibiotics.


An open mind and quick thinking is necessary in saving a poisoned dog. Contact the veterinarian for instructions immediately. There are some helpful first aid methods to do if in any case the veterinarian cannot be reached immediately. The following methods are helpful:

  • Empty the stomach of the dog. Induce vomiting. How? Try mixing one half hydrogen peroxide (regular drugstore strength of 3%) and on half water and pour it down the dogs throat. Use a tablespoonful of mixture to each 10 pound of weight of the body.
  • Force your dog to drink of large amount of milk or beaten egg for this may also be effective. In all cases of poisoning, take your sick dog to the veterinarian without delay.

Distemper is a harmful disease and this may cause death to puppies. Symptoms are apt to include sluggishness, discharge from eyes and nose, elevated temperature, refusal to eat, and desire to sleep and to be left alone. Take your dog to the veterinarian if these symptoms appear. While waiting for the medical service, be sure to shower your dog with love and affection. This is a form of psychological therapy that is proven to heal many kinds of illness in no time.


This is the most harmful disease among dogs. This can be transmitted to man and to animals through the bite of an infected animal. Symptoms appear in three stages. First, your dog may be irritable, nervous or depressed. It may refuse regular food. Second, your canine attempts to bite other animals or human. It may also break his chain and run aimlessly. Third, the symptom goes to a paralytic stage. Its jaws and throat become paralyzed. This is the first symptom in dumb paralysis. If your dog suffers from rabies, place your dog in complete isolation and contact a veterinarian immediately.

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