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Find A Dog Breed Just Right For You

by Eric Hartwell

Although a dog is merely a pet for some of us, they are as important as any of our family members for many. It is such a pity to see many pet dogs being detached from their families and being made to live in adoption centers simply because the dog owner can no longer properly take care of it or because they have probably chosen the wrong dog breed for their family.

It is important that before you go to buy a dog for yourself or for your family for that matter you have a lot to consider to not only make yourself happy with the decision you have made but to let your dog easily and comfortably fit in with your family and lifestyle as well.

Dogs like humans have different personalities. There are some who are just too playful; others just seem to be too quiet and timid, while there may also be some who are too aggressive and confident. The relationship you have with your dog is very important after all, they are man?s best friend.

Factors you need to consider

There are numerous questions that you and your family need to answer before you make the decision to buy a particular breed. First, you have to decide on whether you will be purchasing a male or female dog.

You also have to determine how much quality time you or any family member could spend with the dog. Some dogs are very playful and require some play time. There are also certain breeds that are very reliant on their masters and if you can only provide a limited time with them choose those types which are independent. Time spent is also important with regards to training your pooch. If you don?t have the patience and the time to train, choose a breed that is easily trainable.

You have to bear in mind that your dog needs exercising and walking. If you hate taking a dog for a long walk, choose the small breeds that only require short distance walking. Larger breeds require much more exercise than their smaller counterparts.

If you hate taking care and grooming your dog, don?t buy those that are long haired. Opt for the short haired ones that require lesser maintenance.

You also need to consider your available space. If you live in a small apartment do buy smaller dogs and don?t go for the big ones that need some room to move around.

Try to find a dog with a personality that matches with your family?s character and traits as well.

Its time to search

Now, that you have considered all the factors that you need to ponder upon it is time to begin your search for the perfect dog for your family. I suggest that the first place to look for would be the information highway. Try to read on materials and write ups about certain dog breeds and find out if a certain breed meets your particular needs. Consulting family and friends would also help. If you have a particular breed in mind and you know of somebody who owns a dog of that particular breed, talking with that person would be a big help for you to get some first hand information on what it really takes to take care of that particular dog.

Include other family members in making the decision, in this way you can be assured that everybody would pitch in to help and take care of the new member in the family.

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