Find Out What The Right Dog Food Is For Your Dog

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Find Out What The Right Dog Food Is For Your Dog

by Rosie Harvey

Just like you and me, dogs also require a healthy diet and frequent exercise to enable them to stay healthy and live long.

Our dog doesn?t get the opportunity to choose it?s own food we do it for them. We only find out they don?t like it when they refuse to eat it.

Have you seen the amount of dog food choice there is nowadays? How do we know which is the best food (it?s not necessarily the cheapest) when we do our shopping at the pet shop, supermarket or with our vet?

Let?s look at some options.

There are numerous types of complete dry foods. Some of the superior ones have what?s known as ?variety of life stage options?. This means that they provide food to match whatever part of your dog?s life cycle they are currently going through, from puppy to old age. These complete foods are designed as balanced diets and you should not mix them with any other foods. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way of providing all of your dog?s nutritional needs in one go, these foods are the right choice for you.

The food that we normally call dog meat is known as ?wet food? and will be usually found in tins, foil trays or pouches. It has a stronger smell than dry food but it is usually appetizing for your dog. Make sure you cover any opened packages and place them in the refrigerator or in warm weather they will attract flies. This may be inconvenient for you if you are travelling. Once again, some of these wet foods are complete and do not need anything adding but many will need some sort of additional food like mixer biscuit or meal for instance. Always read the package to make sure which type you have and what other combination of food it requires.

One thing to definitely avoid is homemade diets. These have to be the most complicated way of feeding your dog. Think about the time you will need to put these diets together. Do you want raw or cooked butcher?s meat? What about fish? Will you give your dog bread or rice? On top of that you have to decide if you will need additional vitamins and minerals. There?s also the problem of knowing whether or not you are providing your dog with a balanced diet and most homemade diets probably do not.

An important thing to remember is that whatever you decide to feed your dog, do not forget the water, you must ensure your dog has access to clean drinking water at all times.

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